On Wed, Mar 07 2018,Scott Rochford wrote:

> Unfortunately the 'set-option set-clipboard on' option doesn't seem
> to have an effect under Cygwin/mintty - I'd be curious to know
> whether that can be made to work somehow?
> Shift-select will go to the Windows clipboard.

Right, this works for me too 
> Unfortunately that limits you to selecting what you see on the
> current screen (i.e. not the copy-mode scrollback), and if you have
> windows split horizontally it will select across all of them, which
> isn't always desirable. In that case you can use Shift-Alt-select to
> do a vertical or "box" selection.

This too works.

> I use tmux under Cygwin mintty, but I run it on a remote host, so I
> had to set up an exotic solution using 'xclip' on the remote host to
> send my tmux clipboard back to an Xming or MobaXterm server running
> on my Windows client, inspired by some of those confusing answers on
> stackoverflow...
> Hope that helps.

Could you post the xclip configuration parts of the conf file please?
I have both xclip and getclip installed


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