Hey all

Just wanted to introduce myself again.  Been AWOL for a while on the 
server, PC and network side.  Lot's of neat projects that allowed me to 
learn and expand.

It looks like I am on an AS400 again.  This time writing webservices.  
Cool package at http://www.rpg-xml.com

Hey they also use the tn5250j emulator.  Talked to aaron bartel as 
well.  Very nice guy.

It looks like the project has grown way beyond me and taken on a life of 
it's own.  Did a search on 'tn5250j' and came up with a lot of hits.

Not sure how much time I will have to contribute but hopefully get some 
activity up and going again.

Downloaded the source and ran it on my Mac today but no AS400 to connect 
to so it just sat there looking sad.  A little wave of nostalgia.

I know there seems to be some problems with keyboard mapping which was a 
PITA to begin with.  Does anybody know off the top of their heads if it 
is just a recompile problem or some code needs to be put in?

Any other problems that have had solutions while I was away?  Maybe we 
can get them into the main code base.

Anybody out there from the old days still around?

I know Pete is out there.  So want to send a hello to him.

I received no takers on the CVS to SVN so will give it a shot.

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