Hi Kenneth,

How are you?

I'm also still around - although I didn't develop anything, you built some 
stuff for me into TN5250j back then.

I'm also still using it day in day out and promoting it to my colleagues.

- -
Kind regards,
Marc Vos

PS:  I only have two issues with TN5250j:
1) On the Mac. On Windows TN5250j runs great. But on the Mac, under Leopard, it 
starts, does a bit of what I want and then just stops working. It does't quit 
though, it just loses connection somehow and doesn't seem to know it. The 
screen goes blank and that was it then.
2) The selection rectangle. I use a white background for my iSeries sessions 
and I don't see the selection rectangle, because it's white too. I haven't 
found a color setting for it, either. So, is it possible to make the color of 
the selection rectangle the opposite of the background color? Black for light 
backgrounds, white for dark backgrounds?

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