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> It's the index.jsp that worries me - combined with precompile jsps.
> That could be an extremely common case - and will fail with the
> current implementation.

As a workaround, why don't you just include the JSP source files in the
war anyway?  One of the things JSPC creates for you is a bunch of "exact
match" servlet mappings for the compiled pages, and those will take
priority over the extension-match mapping of the index.jsp page to the JSP

> And of course, I would be good to know if it is at least possible
> to implement this - and if not to have it fixed in the spec.
> My proposal was to consider all exact and prefix mappings ( that
> would cover precompiled jsps and struts ), as well as static files.

Sounds like a topic worth raising with the Servlet 2.4 expert group
(JSR-154).  I'll start a message thread abou this on the EG mailing list.

> Costin


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