Steve Appling wrote:
Chunked encoding with the coyote http1.1 connector seems to be very
inefficient.  I have 3 major comments about it which I will summarize, then
explain in more detail for those interested.

1) There are some performance problems with the current implementation of
chunked encoding.

2) I would like to be able to turn off chunked encoding completely, but this
does not appear to be an option.

3) Chunked encoding should probably only be used when returning content of
indeterminate length.  Static files served up by the default servlet should
perhaps not be chunked.

Look, there's no reason to start whining. Adding a lower level buffering (using a ByteChunk maybe) is nearly trivial, and since you seem to know what you're doing, you could have done in less than the amount it took you to write your email.
I'm not convinced it's the best solution all the time (Coyote leverages the buffering mandated by the higher level - the servlet API - to avoid useless copying from buffer to buffer).

-1 for option 2 (I consider keepalive is more important than anything else).


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