On Fri, 12 Sep 2003, Remy Maucherat wrote:

> Steve Appling wrote:
> > The following patch combines the 3 packets that were generated for each
> > chunk into just one packet.  There are more optimizations elsewhere - I'll
> > keep looking.
> >
> > Patch of org.apache.coyote.http11.filters.ChunkedOutputFilter from 4.1.27
> > src.
> After testing and benching, implementing buffering at the lower layer is
> much better, as it avoids introducing complexity in all the levels of
> processing, and is more powerful. The performance impact of the new
> behavior is minimal (using a worst case scenario of a static file, the
> difference is about 2-3%).
> I believe the updated implementation will meet your needs.
> What's the most optimal packet size overall, BTW ? 1500 ?

there is nothing inherently relating chunk sizes in chunked output to
packet sizes.

>From the network perspective, you want some reasonably sized (at a minimum
8k; that is what Apache uses)  buffer between the code generating content
and the network, and you never want to explicitly flush that to the
network unless you are actually at the end of a response.

You have no idea what the MTU on the network is, and your code shouldn't
care.  It should just present the data to the network stack in as big of a
buffer as practical (ie. in one write call), and let it worry about that.

You don't want to be creating HTTP chunks arbitrarily, you only want to do
that when you are writing a buffer to the network layer.  Normally one
HTTP chunk should span multiple packets when the network layer puts it on
the wire.

In an ideal world, you could just use a GatheringByteChannel to present
the chunk header and the chunk to the network layer at the same time (ie.
ala writev()), but compatibility issues are a problem for now.

In addition, when serving truly static content where you can determine the
content length in advance (eg. serving an image from disk), avoiding
chunking alltogether and just setting a content length is definitely

At the end, if you are sending a response with 300 bytes of headers and
800 bytes of content, the content should be in at most one chunk and the
headers and content should end up on the network in the same packet,
assuming a MTU of at least 1500.

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