I don't know about others, but my feeling is chunking is useful for large files and 
not necessarily where the size of the content is unknown at the beginning of the 
response. I seriously doubt a 2-5K static file would see a real benefit. We all know 
the internet has a ton of packet collision. therefore, sending non-chunked response 
over a slow connection would have a higher rate of failure. I haven't been on a modem 
in a long time, but if memory serves me correctly, downloading a 200K zip file on a 
modem tends to be faster with chunked encoding than non-chunked. Even with smart 
download, I remember chunked encoding being faster for large files. I could be wrong.


3 - When to chunk

I thought that chunking was invented to handle serving up dynamically
created content that did not have a size known in advance. I believe that
on both IIS and Apache static content is not chunked. Is there any way for
tomcat to behave similarly - could the default servlet do something to
prevent the connector from chunking the data it serves up?

If you made it this far, thanks for taking the time to read this and
consider my questions.

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