Here are the brief results for Tomcat HEAD:

Server           Threads Pause (ms) Error(%) Rate (req/sec)
Apache2.0.49        500   1000       1.74       124.2
Http11Protocol      500   1000       0.20       139.5
Http11AprProtocol   500   1000       0.00       266.9

Tests has been run on SLES9/64-Bit/Java-1.5.0_02-b09
Client was WINXP/SP2 running JMeter and Peter Lin's test plans.

Those tests simulate 500 concurrent users connecting to a
150 maxClient server. The connection is keep-alive with
1 second delay between the requests.

So our JNI/APR http connectors is almost twice faster then
both Tomcat standard http connector and Apache2/prefork.

What is more important is that the error number is zero,
meaning there were no refused connections, because of
keepalive connection poller.

Regards, Mladen.

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