Could we just move all in tomcat5.5 ( and HEAD ) into one repository ( say, tomcat ) ?


tomcat/build ( or something else - jakarta-tomcat-5 is just the top
level build and utils )

There is little benefit those days in having 4 separate repos.


Remy Maucherat wrote:
Bill Barker wrote:

It occurs to me that I may have misunderstood, and you were just talking
about setting up the svn:externals for tomcat/current. If that's the case,
then +0 (I don't really care, but I'm glad that somebody does :).

svn:externals sounds like a cool feature, I guess I'll have to look it up to know what it does.

Mark Thomas wrote:
 > If by this you mean do a checkout of
 > to a directory
 > called build in the build scripts then +1. If it involves any form of
 > svn move -1 since I don't understand what you are planning to move to
 > where and I have concerns about complications that might be created for
 > checkouts, future branches and future tags.

No, I don't want to do any change to the repository. The problem is that svn isn't like CVS, so someone (like me, I tried it) which would checkout would be in trouble. It would be better to organize the developer environment. Right now, it organizes things using jakarta-tomcat-5, and all the other jakarta folders.

CVS was simpler ...


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