Costin Manolache wrote:
Could we just move all in tomcat5.5 ( and HEAD ) into one repository ( say, tomcat ) ?

The ASF has only one SVN repo and we have a top level directory within that. We need to have all our code, including the history, under this directory as CVS will be turned off.

The directory strcuture may not be the nicest in the world but I spent some time thinking about it and it is the best I could come up with. There is a better, but longer, explanation on the svn page I put together for the TLP. Take a look at

Using externals wasn't something I had thought of but if offers a nice way to provide all the source for one version in a single chekcout. We now have tomcat/current/5.5.x that uses externals to link in all the various modules.



tomcat/build ( or something else - jakarta-tomcat-5 is just the top
level build and utils )

There is little benefit those days in having 4 separate repos.


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