Tomcat is not exactly httpd.

So, try to READ some FREE docs on the website.

Viorel Dragomir


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Subject: Tomcat cant see my application folder HELP!!!


Im using tomcat 5.5.9 and when i create a
webbaps (tomcat/webapps/mine)i cant even get to its
index.html file by typing "http://localhost:8080/mine";
in my browser.The container says "The requested
resource (/kopie/) is not available" (ie i get a 404
http error report).

on the other hand  accessing the index.html file and
servlet examples in the  servlets-examples folder does
not pose a problem. i could even duplicate this
folder, reanme it and access its index.html file
without anyproblem but as soon as i modify  the DD
(deployment descriptor) i cant view the index.html
file, let alone  access the servlets.


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