I use two 65' verticals on 40/80/160.  HALF WAVE tall (electrically) and 
spacing on 40m with LC network at the base to tune...QUARTER WAVE tall on 80 
with same spacing and EIGHTH WAVE tall and spacing on 160m.  

Both verticals are fed in phase on 160 now but I have plans to add an LC phaser 
that should allow for some directivity.  Current pattern seems to be omni with 
the verticals being so close to one another.  I did try inserting a delay line 
into the scheme with some (2-3 db) directivity seen and may continue to 
experiment with that angle until I build the LC Phaser.


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I was considering adding a second vertical element to my 160 inverted L.
This one would be roughly a quarter wave tall for use on 80.

I tried modelling in Eznec, but wasn't comfortable with the results. I may have 
screwed it up.

Has anyone tried it for real? Is it a big compromise on either band? Would a 
switch at the feedpoint have any benefit?

My inverted L has about 50 radials.

Art NK8X
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