#23169: Explain why metrics are important and what we do to make sure they're 
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Comment (by irl):

 Replying to [comment:14 karsten]:
 >  - The text really reads well! In the first pass I didn't spot anything
 incorrect or misleading. Great stuff!

 Yay (:

 >  - When looking at the locally built website, I noticed that the home
 page now starts with a lot of text. This might be a bit intimidating for
 new users and slightly annoying for returning users. Don't get me wrong,
 the text is useful, it's the presentation that we might still be able to
 improve. Maybe split up paragraphs and use paragraph titles?
 >  - Related to the point above, the two columns on the start page should
 have the same length.

 I've made some changes that hopefully make the home page more friendly.

 >  - You're saying "Tor Metrics Portal" in at least one place, but I think
 we stopped calling it a portal a while ago. We're referring to the website
 as "Tor Metrics" or "Tor Metrics website".

 Oops. I've removed references to the "Metrics Portal". I think I've used
 this because there is also the Community, Support and Research portals
 that the UX team have been working on.

 >  - The descriptions under Philosophy look a bit like they could benefit
 from some more whitespace. I guess we did not style them when we redid the
 website last year, because we didn't use description lists before. Maybe
 we should just add a little bit of space before the `<dt>` part? We could
 ask antonela.

 I have formatted them as "horizontal definition lists" as opposed to their
 default formatting, which does look to have improved things.

 >  - The dependencies diagram on the About page is really neat! Are there
 instructions anywhere how I would build that?

 apt install graphviz
 dot -Tpng src/main/resources/web/images/ecosystem.dot >

 Maybe the source should be in `src/main/resources/dot/ecosystem.dot` and
 that building the png for inclusion in the war could be an Ant task.

 >  - That diagram should also include Consensus Health, which fetches data
 from the directory authorities without help of metrics-lib, and which we
 could say is made for users, not primarily researchers or developers.

 This is now added.

 > All in all, I really like what you wrote there! Let's see if we can
 tweak it some more, and let's also hear what iwakeh has to add. Maybe we
 can even deploy this in the next days.

 Awesome! The changes I've made are in seperate commits for now so it's
 clear what has changed, but I'd like to rebase before merging.

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