#23169: Explain why metrics are important and what we do to make sure they're 
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Comment (by karsten):

 I'll leave the file/path discussion to you two. I trust iwakeh to have a
 better idea of where things should go in the project structure!

 I like both graphs and could imagine adding either of the two. I also
 agree that adding some more description wouldn't hurt. But if that's
 difficult now, I'd rather want to merge what we have here than delay it
 only because the graph could use more explanations. We can always make it
 better later.

 Regarding the quote from the header, I think we should do it. But wasn't
 that difficult from a web design point of view? I mean, it's certainly
 easy to remove the text, but that might make the header look oversized.
 Note that the full quote has always been on the About page since we
 redesigned the website. Maybe we should move this part to another ticket.

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