#23169: Explain why metrics are important and what we do to make sure they're 
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 Replying to [comment:17 karsten]:
 >  - I see where the "portal" comes from. I'd say let's wait for those
 other portals to exist before deciding about re-introducing that term for
 Tor Metrics.

 This sounds good.

 >  - Building the ecosystem diagram should indeed be an Ant task. But we
 should also check in the PNG file, so that one doesn't have to use
 graphviz in order to build the website. In any case, we can still add that
 Ant task after merging.

 Ok, I'll make a new ticket for this once this is merged.

 >  - The new "Open Data, Visualizations, and Tools for Tor!" is really
 huge. And at a resolution of ~768..991 it overlaps with the text on the
 right. How about we just write "Welcome to Tor Metrics" there? (Untested
 how that would look like.)

 "Welcome to Tor Metrics" seems redundant, it already says Tor Metrics in
 the header. I've worked out why it was overlapping for you though, you
 must not be loading the Tor Styleguide Approved Fonts. I've fixed this now
 so that the responsiveness works when you don't have the fonts loaded and
 are using the default fonts for Tor Browser on High Security mode.

 If it still overlaps for you, then you must be using some other font for
 some reason that I haven't thought of.

 >  - The "Learn more >>" button looks a little bit lost there. It's also
 not as important for most visitors, in particular returning visitors.
 Maybe we can tone it down by turning it into a common link in the second
 paragraph? Like, a link from "great care", or so.

 I've reduced the size of the button and moved it to be joined to the
 smaller text.

 >  - I like how the six boxes to Users, Servers, etc. are summarized under
 "Analysis", which was something that we discussed on #23973 for the
 navigation in general. Wouldn't it also make sense to pick "Services" as
 title for the three new boxes? They are direct links to Services subpages,
 just as Users, Servers, etc. will be direct links to Analysis subpages.
 And if we say "Services" there, we can use the cogs symbol, which looks a
 bit nicer than the circled question mark.

 This is now renamed.

 >  - Somewhat unrelated to this change, we should consider changing the
 navigation group in the secondary navbar (on extra small devices) from
 "Metrics" to "Analysis". Just reduce your browser size to a minimum and
 click on the donut to see what I mean. This could be part of #23973, too,

 I think this is better part of #23973.

 >  - Entirely unrelated, I found that the copyright in the footer still
 says 2017. If you like, feel free to update that, too. If not, we'll do it


 >  - If you rebase, be sure to rebase to current master. I made some more
 changes yesterday.


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