#23846: Use libtool for building shared library
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                                                 |  0.3.4.x-final
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Comment (by nickm):

 So, I've looked over the codebase and made a couple of changes in a branch
 called "libtool_hack", including a workaround for the Rust warning issue.
 (It's only a plausible legitimate workaround if Rust builds with -fPIC
 though -- does it?)

 Here are the open issues I want to check, if we can:
   * Does this work on windows? (Only the Makefile.am build is supported)
   * Does "make distcheck" still work?  (It does without Rust.  But with
 Rust, "make distcheck" appears to be broken in master already without this
 patch. Fixing.)
   * How horrible is the above Rust hack?

 One other issue here is that since none of the library are installed, no
 real shared libraries are actually built.   (You can verify this yourself
 by noticing that no .so files are created anywhere.)  I'm _thinking_ that
 this is intentional, but I'm

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