#23846: Use libtool for building shared library
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Comment (by Hello71):

 Replying to [comment:21 nickm]:
 > So, I've looked over the codebase and made a couple of changes in a
 branch called "libtool_hack", including a workaround for the Rust warning
 issue.  (It's only a plausible legitimate workaround if Rust builds with
 -fPIC though -- does it?)

 yes. it is highly unlikely that they will stop, due to the numerous
 benefits of PIC and negligible costs, but if so, there will be loud build
 time errors and we can figure it out then. we can safely assume that there
 will always be a way to turn PIC on, since otherwise it would be
 impossible to make even pure-Rust shared libraries.

 >   * How horrible is the above Rust hack?

 personally I think we should just ignore it. this hack will probably cause
 more problems than it solves. I believe the warning only applies to
 obsolete Unix systems that Rust does not and will never support anyways.
 as I said above, if there is any breakage it will be loud and at build
 time anyways.

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