commit 1ef306de9f3b8ce867d68573ce79899663955c26
Author: Translation commit bot <>
Date:   Thu Sep 22 18:47:58 2016 +0000

    Update translations for tor-messenger-ircproperties
 ar/ | 28 ++++++++++++++--------------
 1 file changed, 14 insertions(+), 14 deletions(-)

diff --git a/ar/ b/ar/
index 01dc262..e2648dd 100644
--- a/ar/
+++ b/ar/
@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ irc.usernameHint=اختصار
 #   disconnected because of an error.
 connection.error.lost=تم فقدان الاتصال بالخادم
 connection.error.timeOut=Connection timed out
-connection.error.invalidUsername=%S is not an allowed username
+connection.error.invalidUsername=%S ليس إسم مستخدم مسموح
 connection.error.invalidPassword=كلمة سر الخادم غير صحيحة
 connection.error.passwordRequired=مطلوب كلمة سر
@@ -37,11 +37,11 @@ options.alternateNicks=Alternate nicks
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (ctcp.version):
 #   %1$S is the nickname of the user whose version was requested.
 #   %2$S is the version response from the client.
-ctcp.version=%1$S is using "%2$S".
+ctcp.version=%1$S يستعمل "%2$S".
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (ctcp.time):
 #   %1$S is the nickname of the user whose time was requested.
 #   %2$S is the time response.
-ctcp.time=The time for %1$S is %2$S.
+ctcp.time=الزمن الخاص ب %1$S هو %2$S.
 # LOCALZIATION NOTE (command.*):
 #   These are the help messages for each command, the %S is the command name
@@ -74,12 +74,12 @@ command.topic=%S [&lt;new topic&gt;]: Set this channel's 
 command.umode=%S (+|-)&lt;new mode&gt;: Set or unset a user mode.
 command.version=%S &lt;nick&gt;: Request the version of a user's client.
 command.voice=%S &lt;nick1&gt;[,&lt;nick2&gt;]*: Grant channel voice status to 
someone. You must be a channel operator to do this.
-command.whois2=%S [&lt;nick&gt;]: Get information on a user.
+command.whois2=%S [&lt;nick&gt;]: الحصول على معلومات عن 
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (message.*):
 #    These are shown as system messages in the conversation.
 #    %1$S is the nick and %2$S is the nick and host of the user who joined.
-message.join=%1$S [%2$S] entered the room.
+message.join=%1$S [%2$S] دخل الغرفة.
 message.rejoined=لقد إلتحقت بالغرفة.
 #    %1$S is the nick of who kicked you.
 #    %2$S is message.kicked.reason, if a kick message was given.
@@ -110,7 +110,7 @@ message.quit=%1$S has left the room (Quit%2$S).
 message.quit2=: %S
 #    %1$S is the nickname of the user that invited us, %2$S is the conversation
 #    name.
-message.inviteReceived=%1$S has invited you to %2$S.
+message.inviteReceived=%1$S دعاك إلى %2$S.
 #    %1$S is the nickname of the invited user, %2$S is the conversation name
 #    they were invited to.
 message.invited=%1$S was successfully invited to %2$S.
@@ -129,8 +129,8 @@ message.whoisEntry=\\ua0\\ua0\\ua0\\ua0%1$S: %2$S
 message.unknownNick=%S is an unknown nickname.
 #    %1$S is the nickname of the user who changed the mode and %2$S is the new
 #    channel key (password).
-message.channelKeyAdded=%1$S changed the channel password to %2$S.
-message.channelKeyRemoved=%S removed the channel password.
+message.channelKeyAdded=%1$S غير كلمة سر القناة إلى %2$S.
+message.channelKeyRemoved=%S أزال كلمة سر القناة.
 #    This will be followed by a list of ban masks.
 message.banMasks=Users connected from the following locations are banned from 
 message.noBanMasks=ليس هناك اماكن محظورة ل S%.
@@ -146,7 +146,7 @@ reply from %1$S in #2 millisecond.;Ping 
reply from %1$S in #2
 #    These are shown as error messages in the conversation or server tab.
 #    %S is the channel name.
-error.noChannel=There is no channel: %S.
+error.noChannel=لا توجد قناة: %S.
 error.tooManyChannels=Cannot join %S; you've joined too many channels.
 #    %1$S is your new nick, %2$S is the kill message from the server.
 error.nickCollision=Nick already in use, changing nick to %1$S [%2$S].
@@ -157,11 +157,11 @@ error.mode.wrongUser=You cannot change modes for other 
 #    %S is the nickname or channel name that isn't available.
 error.noSuchNick=%S is not online.
 error.wasNoSuchNick=لم يكن هناك اسم شهرة %S.
-error.noSuchChannel=There is no channel: %S.
-error.unavailable=%S is temporarily unavailable.
+error.noSuchChannel=لا توجد قناة: %S.
+error.unavailable=%S غير متوفر مؤقتا.
 #    %S is the channel name.
 error.channelBanned=تم حجبك من %S.
-error.cannotSendToChannel=You cannot send messages to %S.
+error.cannotSendToChannel=لا يمكنك إرسال رسائل إلى %S.
 error.channelFull=القناة %S متلئه
 error.inviteOnly=You must be invited to join %S.
 error.nonUniqueTarget=%S is not a unique user@host or shortname or you have 
tried to join too many channels at once.
@@ -188,14 +188,14 @@ tooltip.server=متصل ب
 tooltip.connectedFrom=متصل من
 tooltip.registeredAs=Registered as a secure connectionاستخدام اتصال آمن
 # The away message of the user
 tooltip.ircOp=مُشَغّل آي آر سي "IRC"
 tooltip.lastActivity=آخر نشاط
 # %S is the timespan elapsed since the last activity.
-tooltip.timespan=%S ago
+tooltip.timespan=%S منذ
 tooltip.channels=حاليا على
 #    %1$S is the server name, %2$S is some generic server information (usually 

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