On 21/09/16 15:24, teor wrote:
>> On 21 Sep 2016, at 20:01, D.S. Ljungmark <ljungm...@modio.se> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm looking at some traffic patterns for my Exit relay, and I'm frankly
>> a bit disappointed with the utilization.
>> Currently it's running at a load average of 0.3-0.5,  and CPU idle at
>> 70-80%.
>> We're not limited on Bandwidth (tests show that our max cap is more than
>> safe to produce), yet, we're barely reaching 20% of our potential
>> allocated traffic.
>> We've reached "fast" and "guard", and got the "stable" flag as well, so
>> in theory we ought to see traffic move a bit higher than currently.
>> So, how do we get tor to move past 100-200Mbit? Is it just a waiting game?
> How long has the relay been up?

4 years or so. ( current uptime: 11 hours since reboot, it reboots weekly )

The initial rampup time went and scaled up until ~120 Mbit, where it's
been stable hovering.

> What's the fingerprint of your Exit relay?

> Where is it located?

Sweden, Tele2 AS

> Have you read:
> https://blog.torproject.org/blog/lifecycle-of-a-new-relay

> Does your processor have AES-NI? Is it reasonably fast?
Yes, yes. As said, load on the CPU isn't even hitting load 0.4 most of
the time, 24% CPU load (user) and 11% (sys) has been the max it's hit
over the last week, at the same time it's been hitting 17 MBytes/s in
each direction.

Which, frankly, is quite a bit lower than I expected.

> Does Tor have enough sockets available?

Ought to, though it has spiked at around 16k sockets used (which is
strangely close to 50% of the max number, might be a time to increase that )

Fileno is set at 32k,  and it's averaging around 5.5k  sockets in use.

> Does it warn you about any other potential performance issues in its logs?


> Have you tried running 2 Tor instances per IPv4 address?

Previously, currently only one to see what throughput we could get a
single Tor exit at.

> Also, have you tried searching the mailing list archives?

Yes, I've been subscribed for a few years, and I've run relays for a while.

> This question gets asked and answered at least once a month.

It's actually seldom discussed how to scale and what the limiting
factors are for _Exit_ relays. It's fairly common to hear about relays /
Guards and the rampup there.


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