>>> So, how do we get tor to move past 100-200Mbit? Is it just a waiting game?

I'd say just run more instances if you still have resources left and
want to contribute more bw.
(obviously also your exit policy influences on how much your instance is

>> How long has the relay been up?
> 4 years or so. ( current uptime: 11 hours since reboot, it reboots weekly )

This relay (5989521A) has been first seen on 2014-04-10 according to
https://onionoo.torproject.org (still long enough).

Why do you reboot weekly? Memory leak workaround?

Aeris wrote:
> From Atlas graph, your node is currently growing up, so wait few weeks more 
> to 
> have the real bandwidth consumption

Wondering what caused that improvement? (significantly doing better
since the last longer downtime on 2016-09-04?)

>> Where is it located?
> Sweden, Tele2 AS


You are apparently the only exit relay in your AS, thanks for running it

>> Have you tried running 2 Tor instances per IPv4 address?
> Previously, currently only one to see what throughput we could get a
> single Tor exit at.

OK, so this email is about speed optimizations of a single tor instance
and not about increasing usage a tor exit server?

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