> 17 MBytes/s in each direction.

From Atlas graph, your node is currently growing up, so wait few weeks more to 
have the real bandwidth consumption, but don’t expect huge change.

17M*B*ps is 140M*b*ps and you already have a good relay :)
This is around the speed expected for standard CPU (150 to 300Mbps per Tor 
instance, best CPU available can "only" drain around 500Mbps).

And your CPU have all chance to be the bottleneck at this speed. Tor is not 
multi-core at the moment and so you can’t be able to fully use your CPU 
capacity. For example, if you have a 4-core CPU, don’t expect to have more 
than 0.25-0.3 load with only Tor (1 core fully used).

You have to start another Tor instance to use a little more your CPU (1 other 
core) and so to drain additionnal 150-300Mbps.

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