On 06.08.2017 00:33, Ralph Seichter wrote:
> On 06.08.17 00:08, Chad MILLER wrote:
>> Careful. >, but the former is probably
>> too buggy.
> I fail to see how that relates to my earlier message. When a new Tor
> production version is released, it is by definition recommended, or it
> would not be a production release in the first place. If later it turns
> out that a particular Tor version is buggy, in can be manually removed
> from the list of recommended versions.
> -Ralph
I’m not sure if “production version/release” is a term formally defined
for Tor releases, but was at least not a “stable” release: the
announcement of Tor [1] declares it “the first stable release of
the Tor 0.3.0 series”. And indeed, on the consensus health page [2], I
can see that several directory authorities don’t recommend any Tor
versions between 0.2.9.* and ( had a “medium-severity
security bug” [3], I assume that’s why it’s not recommended either).


[2]: https://consensus-health.torproject.org/

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