On 07.08.2017 08:32, teor wrote:

> This would be a single point of failure (and possibly compromise).
> We try to avoid those by having people involved in the updates.

Since Tor configuration is text file based, I generally use Cron jobs to
pull shared config data from a central repository. The changes, which I
verify using "diff", don't come into effect until I manually send a HUP
signal to the Tor processes. Perhaps something similar would work for
the Tor directory authorities as well, to avoid recommended-version-
hiccups? If a central repository is not desirable for security reasons,
how about using Git to sync changes between shared Tor directory auth
servers, akin to Linux Kernel changes?

Security is of course more important than automation, but this is not a
black or white kind of situation, and I think it would be help if the
Tor directory authorities were kept in sync here.

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