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> Hello fellow operators of tor relays out there! :)
> I'd like to introduce my new relay, it's called keepyourprivacy and hosted
> in the Netherlands, at a provider which is known for high uptime and great
> network connectivity. Because it isn't very cheap, it's not very common used
> for tor relays, so i think it's a good choice for a better network
> diversity. :) Sure, i liked the idea of running a cheap relay at Kimsufi or
> something, but there are so many of this relays out there, which isn't good
> for the basic idea of Tor.
> It's running on a dedicated server with an dedicated 100 mbit/s full-duplex
> uplink, which is only used for Tor. So over 60 TB can be pushed each month.
> In these days Tor needs more help than ever, because VPN bans becoming more
> and more common - look at China or Russia for example.

I believe running a public relay does not fix the issue with VPN and
Tor bans, because they can regularly check the list of public relays
and ban all of them (what many cites including so-called "the free
encyclopedia" do to ban Tor exits). Running a Tor bridge is a more
efficient response to the censorship of this kind. Do not see this as
a criticism - you are still doing a very good job here!

> I'm also playing with the idea to change this relay to an exit node, but i'm
> a little bit worried about possible legal consequences. I would run it with
> an reduced policy however, but there is still the risk, that someone is
> doing fraud - or even worse - transmit child pornography over it. And that's
> nothing i'd like to be involved with it. But i know that it would help the
> Tor network even more.

A question to all: does it make sense to run an exit relay anonymously
to avoid such issues? If they decide to block a relay, the operator
loses his time and money anyway, but at least his body is secured.

> But for now, i think the middle relay with high uptime, capacity and with a
> not so common provider like OVH or will still help the community
> to improve the connectivity.
> Let me know your thoughts! :)
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