On 10/08/2017 21:15, Tor Node Admin @ SechsNullDrei.org wrote:
> I would welcome the opportunity to tie my name to my exit nodes, if it 
> weren't for the 1%-3% of illegal traffic that could land me in jail for the 
> uneducated LEAs.  And if it weren't for that 1%-3%, I would encourage a 
> movement for residential users to set up exit nodes in their homes to utilize 
> the wastefully underutilized bandwidth they're paying for.

I am not a lawyer and the situation may vary depending on where you live
and/or which country you are a citizen of, but:
* the EFF discourages running an exit relay from home[1]
* what you probably want to do - assuming it is feasible - is setting up
some kind of company or organization for running those relays (either
alone of with other node operators)


[1]: https://www.torproject.org/eff/tor-legal-faq.html.en
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