project monitor is a really great supplement to the other TortoiseSVN tools. I 
already used CommitMonitor before ProjectMonitor came up.
There is just one little thing I miss: I have just one project configured - so 
everytime I open ProjectMonitor from tray I have to select this project 
explicitly to show the commits. There could be several solutions to satisfy my 
- let the user mark one project as "default" and show this on opening PM
- select the first project (having new commits?) on opening PM
- if there is only one project: preselect this on opening PM

I think the first suggestion would be the best as it wouldn't change the 
current behaviour if someone doesn't select a default project (therefore it 
should be possible to unset the default project again).
What do you think? Or maybe someone else has an even better idea beyond this 
ones to improve PM in this point?

I admit this isn't a big thing and of course I can live without it anyway. None 
the less I would bee glad if a change regarding this feature request makes it 
into a future version of TSVN.
At this point: many thanks to the team of TortoiseSVN - amazing job you're 

Cheers Ralf

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