On Monday, February 19, 2018 at 5:09:22 PM UTC+1, Ralf wrote:
> Hi 
> project monitor is a really great supplement to the other TortoiseSVN 
> tools. I already used CommitMonitor before ProjectMonitor came up. 
> There is just one little thing I miss: I have just one project configured 
> - so everytime I open ProjectMonitor from tray I have to select this 
> project explicitly to show the commits. There could be several solutions to 
> satisfy my "problem": 
> - let the user mark one project as "default" and show this on opening PM 
> - select the first project (having new commits?) on opening PM 

This is already implemented on trunk:
and will be in the 1.10 release.

You can try a nightly build if you like:


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