On Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 9:30:45 AM UTC+1, Álvaro González wrote:
> Hi,
> My copy of Project Monitor has decided to stop displaying any SVN log 
> data, not even from previous updates. All projects are still there but when 
> I click on any of them the main pane remains empty and status bar displays 
> "Waiting for monitoring thread to finish...".
> I've rebooted the computer twice and nothing has changed. Windows Task 
> Manager only seems to display two processes related to TortoiseSVN 
> ("TSVNCache.exe" and "TortoiseProc.exe") but terminanting them only kills 
> Project Monitor itself. I'm using latest stable version (TortoiseSVN 1.9.7, 
> Build 27907 - 64 Bit) on Windows 10 Professional.
> Any idea of what's going on?
The message "Waiting for monitoring thread to finish" appears when you try 
to show the log, but the thread that checks for new log messages hasn't 
finished yet.
Sometimes that thread can hang waiting for a server response. Which means 
one of the monitored projects has problems with the server or the 
connection to it.
Click on the "check now" button and you  can then see the projects that are 
being checked - the last one you see there is the one that hangs.


> Thank you in advance.

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