On Friday, February 23, 2018 at 9:04:23 AM UTC+1, H. Niemann wrote:
> Hello Stefan!
> This could be implemented by reserving a return code for “finished without 
> error, go to next” and one for “finished without error, go to previous”
> and the calling application could react by starting a new TMerge instance 
> for the previous / next file. Then there would be no need for
> storing the temp files for TMerge.

That would require inter-process communications, which is of course doable 
but a lot of work to get it right.
And while your description looks easy, there are a lot of edge cases:
* what happens if more than one TMerge instance is running? Does 
TortoiseProc have to keep a tag on each one so it knows that "prev/next" 
* what happens if you close the commit dialog?
* what happens if you refresh the commit dialog and the file list changes?
* what happens if the 'next' file is not text but e.g. an image file? Or a 
binary file? If you want to skip it, how would TProc know which ones to 


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