octafish wrote: 
> SB server version is: *7.7.6-112 *and is the latest and only available
> from Synology.
> My security suite is Kaspersky Total Security 2017 but this has been
> running alongside the SB server for a long time. I haven't changed
> anything.  In any event the Windows environment doesn't come into this
> because the NAS based server (Linux based) connects directly to the SBT
> without any interaction with a Windows machine.
> Oddly this behaviour is replicated on the mentioned Windows browsers
> with the exception of Firefox with a separate installation of the SB
> server on my Windows 10 laptop.  Wouldn't this tend to suggest that
> something in the SB server has changed?
> The Windows laptop based server is only accessible using
> in Firefox, which accesses the server on the
> laptop.  This doesn't work with other browsers for some reason and not
> at all with the NAS based SB server.
> Can't see anything relevant in the logs.
sst has reported the same issue with Kaspersky and Synology here: 

So see if you can change some settings in Kaspersky or white list the

You also want to take a look at that thread of you want a more up to
date version of LMS.

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