toby10 wrote: 
> Yes, using TuneIn.  Tried connecting to both and my LMS 7.8.1
> on a Win7 laptop.
> All works fine for me displaying and changing artist & song & album art.
> But not all albums have art so it then just displays the station static
> image if album art is not present.

I just went back to 7.8.1 on my Windows 10 System and I am still not
getting a Metadata Update.

If I have 3 Radio stations in my LMS Queue and I forward to each one
and then come back to my original Station the Album, Track and Artist
info will update. Sometimes I see the Album Art Flash for a couple
seconds or so, but then it just goes back to the station static image.

Also sometimes the Track in the LMS Queue is updated to show the current
track, but the one at the top remains at the First track I played. So, I
have a problem somewhere. If I cycle through the radio stations, it will
usually update to the current track


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