cramcram wrote: 
> I guess this has been asked before, but I didn't find the answer
> searching the forum. Can EDO be configured thus that the Touches coaxial
> output is limited to 96 khz (resampling on the server). My external DAC
> only supports bitrates up to 96 khz.
You may be able to do this by adding a specific resample rule for the
Touch (by its MAC address) in custom-convert.conf.  I'm not exactly sure
what syntax you would need.

LMS 7.9.1 on VortexBox Midi box, Xubuntu 17.10, FLACs 16->24 bit,
44.1->192kbps.  Touch & EDO. 2nd Touch standard.
LMS plugin UPnP/DLNA Bridge to MF M1 CLiC (to A308CR amp & ESLs) &
Marantz CR603 UPnP renderers.  
Alternatively Minimserver & Upplay to same & to upmpdcli/mpd PC
Squeezelite to Meridian USB Explorer DAC to PC speakers/headphones.  
Wireless Xubuntu 17.10 laptop firefox/upplay or Android 'phone with
Squeeze-Commander/BubbleUPnP controls LMS/Minimserver.
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