artmaltman wrote: 
> Thinking about this overnight I realized that I have at least two
> creative solutions that will avoid the double wifi hop:
> 1.  Plug my Mac directly into the ethernet.   I think that someone
> mentioned this above, but I am so stuck in the wifi frame of thinking
> that it did not sink in initially.  While my stereo is way across the
> room from the router/modem, my computer shares a wall with the
> router/modem.  Roughly 15 feet, ethernet can handle that distance, no?  
> This solution lets me use the current LMS along with the latest plugins
> for streaming.
> 2.  Dust off my 2008 MacBook Pro which was sitting in the closet next to
> my Squeezebox Touch's.  Plug it directly into the ethernet and use it as
> a server.  This solution might come with security problems though, as
> the operating system on that machine is long past receiving security
> updates from Apple.
> Thanks for your assistance with this.  What an amazing community.Or buy a 
> Raspberry Pi and leave it on 24/7.

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