On 22.09.2016 07:17, RjOllos wrote:
Based on what you said, I considered if we could detect re-entrancy by
passing the policy to the permission cache when doing a
PermissionCache.has_permission check inside of

Replied in ticket.

I also posted modifications to SignedTickets, but I don't expect they
will fix this "interaction" issue:

>>> -  'TICKET_ADMIN' in perm:
>>> +  any(a in perm for a in self.admin_actions):

This change seems unnecessary and maybe even more problematic than before.
Unnecessary because TRAC_ADMIN implies TICKET_ADMIN anyway, so there's no need to check for TRAC_ADMIN explicitly. (But there may be more subtle details I'm missing.) Problematic because checking more permissions leads to more potentially problematic interactions (and possible mutual recursion) with other policies.


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