Hi: I'm new to this list but have used MythTV for several years. I now have several hundred DVDs created using the MythArchive plugin. The plugin applies tcrequant in shrink-to-fit mode and I have usually selected input files so that target shrinkage, if required, is only a few percent.

Until recently I used only CentOS_5/i686 and saw no noticeable picture corruption. Now I also use fc10/x86_64, and on this system I do see corruption - small transient rectangles - when shrinkage has been applied.

So it seems to me that tcrequant is *not* broken on all platforms and I would not like it to disappear globally unless, of course, there is a reliable and effective alternative.

I use the builds from ATrpms and have posted recently about this on the ATrpms-users, MythTV-users and, today, the mythtv-dev list. So far there has been little or no apparent interest in these posts, but concern may grow as new builds without tcrequant get out into the world.
Even on these lists, DVD creation is a minority activity.


John Pilkington

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