I am still in chock! The last thing i know i was training with find command using xarg to remove files, like explaining in this page:
I was in using this command to erase some *.c files that i created in porpose and then I shut down my system. Later on when I started my machine my Document and Download folder were gone. Auto-completion and color ls were also not working, so I assume bashrc file was gone too wich I confirmed so far! This is incredible I lost important files! This is serious! How this is possible only by training some find command. this is my last command from my history command before all broke down:
463  sudo find . -name "*.c" | xargs rm -rf
Why this happened? Is it possible to regain my losted files? This is a very serious thing if happens with somebody else!

p.s. I have backups from my files luckily it is not so bad! But still is a very serious issue if happens to somebody who don't make regularly backup files!

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