It seems to me a good idea to look at the specs for these programs everyone's suggesting, to see how much memory they require before installing, Due to the lack of RAM, then I can decide which OS I want. I'd like to try the others to see if I like than better than Trisquel Mini, for my poor old machine. I really like Trisquel, it will be on my Mac, it's in the VM there now. If I'm that concerned about RAM, maybe I should keep Trisquel Mini and not Trisquel?

The browser I want is Tor, and I want a secure messenger. From all I've read, Signal seems to be the most secure. Before doing anything, I'm gonna look up the specs.

My priority right now is to free up as much memory as I can, including cleaning up any fragments of the GNOME Shell, since I don't have much RAM to work with.

When that's all settled, I will make a new thread for help converting the Mac. I'm so tired of Crapple and their proprietary ways. To me, it's not worth the convenience. I wish others would feel that way, but it's their choice.

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