C++ is not specific to GNU/Linux. About Shell scripting, you may have to know what is POSIX and what is not (the "Bashisms").

But, as albertoefg wrote, the exam will certainly focus on the working of an operating systems in general, on system administration (including the basic configuration files: /etc/fstab, /etc/hostname, /etc/hosts, /etc/group, /etc/shadow, etc.) ... maybe server administration but that would be quite unfair since you do not know what kind of servers (Web?, Mail?, etc.) and what server in particular (Apache or NGINX?, etc.).

Things definitely missing from albertoefg's list are TCP/IP networks and commands relating to networking ('ping', 'tracepath', 'ftp', 'wget', etc.) and POSIX commands for file management ('ls', 'cd', 'mv', 'rm', etc.) and text processing ('tr', 'cut', 'sort', 'grep', etc.) and their main options.

There may be something on 'sed' (but probably only the 's' command) and/or AWK because they are very useful and part of POSIX too.

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