Guix was recommended to me as a solution to a particular problem in another thread, and it seems promising in general. I have enough questions that it seemed worth opening a new thread.

1. Configuring installed files for use? For example, if I install Icecat via Synaptic it is immediately added to the launcher menu and I can run it from a terminal with $ icecat whereas if installed via Guix it seems like I have to run it with
$ cd ~/.guix-profile/bin
$ ./icecat
which is much less convenient. I could create a shortcut to access it more conveniently, but maybe there is a cleaner or more proper approach.

2. Is it possible to get Synaptic to recognize a package installed via Guix as an alternate version. This might help with question #1, and it seems like it might be easier and more organized than using two separate package managers.

3. When I run $ giux package -A evolution I see evolution-data-server, but not evolution. It seems odd to me to include one and not the other. Is it possible that I am not seeing all available packages?

4. Moreover, if I could upgrade Evolution (or another default GNOME program) via Guix, what be be the most effective way of replacing the old version in a way that makes it work with the GNOME applet etc.? This might be related to question #2.


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