> There again you come with this "free software can't give you privacy" bs...

I have never said that. Before telling another he talks "bs" you should understand what he says. What I have explained previously is that just because a program is released as free software is not a guarantee that it respects your privacy.

> Do the following:

Right now or immediately?

Don't instruct me, please. If you want to do something - you can do it and share the result with others. FWIW I have already looked at that option but it is not that simple (sed replacement).

> Free Software DOES give you control, and control enables you to get privacy.

Yes, if you have an extra 100 man years to inspect millions of lines of code and a freeze of whole human history for that period of time. And that's the whole point - that just because it is possible doesn't mean it is feasible.

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