> "Firefox frees people from a net created by Microsoft"
> Yeah, like ****

I do agree with you, although it must be noted that the upload date was
2012-06-01, and unless I'm mistaken (please investigate this or correct
me if I'm wrong), back then we were unaware of the freedom issues of

Besides, we had only Microsoft as the major incumbent, in recent years
it has been proven that Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google are also part
of trash. And just last year we found even more --- hint: not just
Netflix but every techonology or service provider that breaks attempts
of federation or that traps customers with non-(free/libre) software ---

> He has obviously not explored into uBO and uMatrix and is stuck with ABP.

> Well... CAs are not necessarily trustful OR independent.

> The land of the free :)

Again the issue of date. The Snowden revelations didn't came to exist
back then.

> and he suggest that the teaching should be about asking "the
> question". But the problem with this is that he also seems to teach
> what the answer is which deprives the questioner of the possibility to
> look freely for oneself and to find a different one. He suggests
> existing formulas like Diaspora etc. There is danger in suggesting
> recipes because people easily stick to them and there is no real
> question. So the question must come without an answer, otherwise it is
> an imposition, not a free observation but a directed one.

I agree that we should not always give the definitive answer to
everyone. I don't know if the reference in [2] is aligned with what you
have just said, but in [2] we can see that this decision as to whether
the current "already-made answer" should be given depends on the age of
the person we're talking to.

According to <https://softwarefreedom.org/events/2017/conference/video/>,
it's under CC BY-SA 3.0 US.

(under CC BY-SA 4.0).

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