You said a ways up that there is no perfect solution. This is true as humans, we make errors, and mistakes and are constantly improving our ways and techniques...

But that last line about God, yes, if by that you are saying that because of the old testament I agree wholeheartedly. But there is a reason for a new testament.

One book shows that we should obey and honor him and shows his mercy and love.

but that's besides the point.

Yes, things you cannot see can be dangerous. But how do you know what you see and what you don't see. People are sometimes deceptive let's say and make something that looks nice and shiny but has all this crap lurking within to spy on you, etc,

But that aside, I completely agree with you on amd and intel. They are both shit.

ARM is a mixed bag though. Shakti on the other hand I really hope is worth something far beyond all the others.

We disagree on spiritual stuff, and agree on matters of free software mostly I am sure.

Personally I don't think God wants us to blindly trust everything in our world. That could lead to great evil after all.

And it has many times due to people abusing his name alas...

False teachers, decievers, evil people... none of whom do anything but try and taint his name for their own personal game.

Long rant, my bad... ;)

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