I am attempting to install PureOS 8.0 (beta) on a libreboot Taurinus laptop running Trisquel 8 using virt-manager. Everytime I try to create the PureOS virtual machine, I get a black screen filled with a whole lot of meaningless stuff on it. The screen freezes so all I can do is restart the laptop. Each time I've attempted this, the "stuff" on the frozen black screen is different, the only thing that appears to be constant is the term "Kernel Panic".

I tried searching online to figure out what this means and what I should do, but there doesn't seem to be much related to Trisquel and libreboot, and what I did find was FAR above what I am able to comprehend. (I am NOT a computer person, I'm just an ordinary guy who would like to make this work.)

How can I find out - in terms I can understand - what is wrong, and what I should do?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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