2018-02-15T05:53:08+0100 goodstu...@msn.com wrote:
> I am attempting to install PureOS 8.0 (beta) on a libreboot Taurinus
> laptop running Trisquel 8 using virt-manager.  Everytime I try to
> create the PureOS virtual machine, I get a black screen filled with a
> whole lot of meaningless stuff on it.  The screen freezes so all I can
> do is restart the laptop.  Each time I've attempted this, the "stuff"
> on the frozen black screen is different, the only thing that appears
> to be constant is the term "Kernel Panic".

Indeed, it seems to be spefic to one piece of software. I would try the
following, in order:

1. It's been months since I don't use virt-manager, but I suggest you to
   get information from virt-manager itself, if I'm not mistaken there
   are useful logs such as "${HOME}/.virt-manager/virt-manager.log" and
   "/var/log/libvirt/qemu" --- this last one has log files for each
   virtual machine. If unlike me, you want to use the forums instead of
   the mailing lists, and want to attach the log files, make them have
   the .txt extension instead of .log.

2. Try disabling KVM for that specific virtual machine in virt-manager.

3. Upgrade the kernel of the host system (Trisquel 8, I assume), use
   jxself's Linux Libre repository to do this.

> Thanks in advance for any help.  

You're welcome! Happy hacking! :D

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