Trisquel is Ruben's project, connected to a for profit venture related to free software consulting. That has led to his employment at the FSF. The FSF provides logistical support through all the packages it maintains and services it provides, without that Trisquel would not be possible at all. The relationship is symbiotic.

Rubens employment has nothing to do with Trisquel, and the FSF needs good people to keep the fight for free software going. The man needs to make a living and FSF has software that needs development. Trisquel is a volunteer only operation, no money is made here. That he didn't drop developing Trisquel is a huge thing. It really speaks to his commitment.

The FSF can't just employ people for anything. They have grant requirements, ongoing campaigns, and so forth. Playing favorites with endorsed distros could cause issues with the wider FSF community. FSF recommends Trisquel, but they also recommend the other distros based on what the user needs.

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