My local area has had a recent flood of new 2.4GHz wireless access points. All of the channels are completely crowded, some of our home laptops don't detect the Wi-Fi at all.

However, no one is using any of the 5GHz channels, so I'm wanting to try and migrate to 5GHz to try and stabilise my connection.

My laptop is a libreboot'd T400 so it will accept and mini-pcie wireless adapter. It currently has a Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 which works with free software but doesn't support 5GHz at all. So I need to replace it with something that is 5GHz compatible. The only issue is I've not been able to find anything that supports 5GHz AND is compatible with free software. I've searched h-node, and even the Debian wiki but I've had no luck.

Can anyone here offer me some suggestions?

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