If you must stick to 5GHz that leaves you with 802.11a and/or 802.11n.

And there are lots of things in the free world that support that.

Look at the ath9k kernel module for your answer:

Make a note of supported chipsets, including the single or dual band ones.

Search for those chipsets. I find lots of them very easily.

As an example, when I plug AR9160 (which is dual-band) into a search engine I find that Sparklan has the WMIA-199NI. That's a Mini PCI card though and I don't know if it'll work in your machine or not -- maybe it needs Mini PCI Express for example.

I see that eBay also has stuff.

Anyway, regardless of where you get stuff, those are the research steps to freedom now that you know the compatible chipsets.

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