I see. Thanks.
So am I understand to that:
•Trisquel 8 was delayed unexpectedly reason (I understand lacking manpower and Mr. Ruben was worked at FSF are main reason), so the delay forced to basing Trisquel 8 on Ubuntu 16.04. (Releasing Trisquel 8 which is based on Ubuntu 18.04 before release of Ubuntu 18.04 is impossible) ?

And I want to support something if the reason of delay of newer OS has serious problems, and if I can do something support. Many people probably think so, but does

>The development of Trisquel 9 has not been delayed. The circumstances that delayed Trisquel 8 have changed, so Trisquel 9 will probably be released faster.

means that project solved the problems which delayed the development of Trisquel 8?
Could you tell me that how the circumstances was improved?
I was guessing that the primary problem was an economical problem. And lack of skillful developers (I have no idea how many people have skill which can develop even OS) might be as well. As my guess is correct, is there something which we (even begginers) can do for it? just chant? And it has nothing to do with it but do you like Cuban music? (I know I know we have argued once about off-topic :)

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