Hello, thanks for your time.
I want to get a laptop that can be as free as possible. Want to get a laptop with Libreboot. I don't have a lot of money, so i thought i would search for a Thinkpad X60-X60s or T60. I prefer an X60-X60s model because it's gonna be used as a library companion, going to write a lot, and read various digital books. I believe that these laptops are 32-bit's. So:
1.- The machine could handle Emacs with LaTeX and very light browsing ?
2.- Can i install Trisquel or Parabola and use some 64-bit software ?

And finally, searching on my country internet merchants i found some possible laptops:
*X60 $72
-80 HDD
(Don't have real pictures)
*X60s $82
-80 HDD
(In the pictures looks in good shape)
*X60s $75
-120 HDD
(Looks like 3 keys have lost details on it's symbols)
*X60s $104
-4GB RAM (Only 3 available)
-160GB HDD
-Allegedly New Battery
(Looks ok, except for one little scratch near one display hinge)

Do you think that any of these could be a good deal ?
I'm inclining in favor of the X60's $104 one, or the X60 $72

There are some Macbook's 1,1 and 2,1 but in my country having the fruit icon makes a computer an status symbol, so the cheapest one used it's at $140. The cheapest Asus Chromebook C201 it's at $260 and it's way too far from my budget. However even if i had the money i still prefer a Thinkpad.

So, what do you think ? Do i wait for something else ? Do i get another thing ? Is the EOMA68 an option ?

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