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    El 19/09/16 a les 18:07, Ali Kefia ha escrit:
    > => We will give werkzeug a try (if you have a document that helps on
    > configuration, please share)
    Using uwsgi you can run trytond with the following command:

    uwsgi --http :9090 --module trytond.application:app --processes 4

This is working,

  * I have some db errors on starting (I mean first request treatments),
    this could be due to massive requesting => will investigate
Which kind of errors?
  * We will push this to our deployment processes and keep nginx for
    protocols (http processing), redundancy and multi-servers
  * I guess we will run faster because, now:
      o workers are running werkzeug server which is a test server
      o HTTP protocol management is done twice (nginx and werkzeug layer)

Note i'm using http for uwsgi because I'm running trytond and nginx in diferent users and the tcp protocol simplified the socket permisions but if you are using the same user and same machine you can use a local unix socket which it should be a (a little bit) faster ;-)

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